VIDEO: Jennifer’s early morning dash is no wild goose chase as she saves eggs from being swept away by grass cutters

Geese at Nene Parade March.

Geese at Nene Parade March. - Credit: Archant

AN early morning plea to a grass cutting team by March Society chairman Jennifer Lawler may have saved six geese eggs from being swept away from beside the Nene.

Ms Lawler took some dramatic video footage of her 6.30am dash to warn the council contractors about the geese and their eggs.

She said she was woken by the sound of the grass cutting and ran round “shouting to the men realising that the eggs and nest were in danger from the grass cutter.

“I spoke with two of the men about the nest and the eggs and they said they were unaware of the nest.

“They said that the goose had not seen been there this morning though I had seen her on the nest.”

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One workman climbed down and saw six eggs in the nest “and if I had not stopped them the unseen nest could have been swept away with the grass by the cutter’s arm.”

Ms Lawler said she rang the RSPC, asked about how long the eggs could be lest, and was told “it is unlawful to disturb and destroy the goose’s nest.

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“Happily as I looked out, the goose returned. She had been away from the eggs for about an hour. She was shortly joined by the other five geese while another goose remains on a nest further upstream.”

Ms Lawler said she contacted Fenland Council environmental health officials and was told that this is being dealt with.

“Hopefully it will not happen again at the next cutting in a few weeks,” she said.

Ms Lawler said it was ironic that a letter from the council last month told residents the geese are in good health “and that there are no concerns with their welfare”.

She said she had been assured the council will now make regular visits to monitor the geese.

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