VIDEO: Officers stage bike ‘thefts’ in busy city street but nobody calls 999 to report them

The 'suspect' takes a pair of bolt croppers to the bike

The 'suspect' takes a pair of bolt croppers to the bike - Credit: Archant

Four bikes were brazenly stolen in broad daylight but not one person called police to report the crimes.

The 'suspect' rides away from the scene with bolt croppers in hand

The 'suspect' rides away from the scene with bolt croppers in hand - Credit: Archant

Thankfully, the bikes that were stolen were actually police property – and the ‘offenders’ in fact plain-clothed officers.

The thefts were set up in Cambridge as part of the city’s Operation Huntsman which is using crime prevention advice alongside increased patrols to crackdown on robbery, burglary and theft.

In the space of a few hours, the ‘crooks’ ripped chains from bicycles and even grappled with bolt croppers to cut through bike locks.

But despite being in full view of a host of potential witnesses, no-one reported the crimes.

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CCTV footage of the thefts has now been uploaded to the force YouTube site and the video is being used to highlight the issue to students at Fresher’s Week.

Officers are urging people to help police tackle cycle crime by reporting thefts when they happen.

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Sergeant Andrea Gilbert said: “The CCTV is shocking because the thefts are blatant yet, despite a large number of people witnessing the crime, we didn’t receive a single call.

“Sadly people are too reliant on others to report crime, but we need everyone to play their part. If you don’t call police it means those thieves are potentially free to strike again – and next time you could be the victim.

“We are committed to tackling bicycle crime, which is an ongoing issue in the city, but we need the public’s help.”

The thefts took place in King’s Parade, Market Square, outside Anglia Ruskin and in the Leisure Park off Hills Road.

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