VIDEO: Only just but that’s enough as Tories win allowances row: on the spot twitter reports by Richard Taylor who witnessed debate.

TORY run Cambridgeshire County Council today approved a package of pay rises for its 69 councillors that will give them each a 25 per cent increase in their basic allowance

The generous councillors also awarded their leader, Councillor Nick Clarke, a massive pay increase in his “special responsibility allowance” that will see him pocket �38,000 a year.

His Cabinet members also got big rises, despite protests from Unison members who picketed Shire Hall as councillors arrived to vote.

Cambridge blogger Richard Taylor tweeted live from the meeting as councillors debated the issue: here’s a sample of some of his comments.

@Lib Dem Geoff Heathcock voted for the rise in Cllr allowances @CambsCC full council, other Lib Dems against.

@ Conservative Cllrs Ogree, P Brown, Tierney and Kadic voted against rise in allowances. Other Conservatives voted for.

@ Allowance rise approved 33 for, 29 against. 1 abstention.

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@ Recorded vote on allowances

@ Cllr Nick Clarke saying 25 per cent rise reporting unfair but accurate.

@ Not a single Lib Dem apart from leader spoke in debate. Shame.

@ Cllr Melton saying he will ignore those protesting about allowance rise. As he’s won

@ Cllr Melton saying allowance rise needed to recruit cllrs.

@ Cllr Melton saying he relies on income from his working wife.

@ Cllr Melton saying before allowances councils full of rich farmers, teachers and union officials

@ All Lib Dems apart from Cllr Bourke have been silent in allowances debate.

@ Cllr Farrer saying he was surprised cllrs get expenses.

@ Cllr Farrer to support allowance rise, with reservations.

@ Cllr Criswell saying allowance rise needed to allow “ordinary man” to become a councillor

@ Conservative councillor Yeulett latest to say he’ll support allowances rise

@ Cllr Reeve says Conservative stance of hiding behind independent panel “ludicrous”

@ Cllr Fred Brown saying cllrs shld support rise as panel was independent. *

@ Cllr Linda Oliver saying she will support the allowance hike “for the benefit of cllrs in the future”.

@ Cllr Dutton justifying allowances by good work cllrs do for local charities ???

@ Cllr Dutton saying members of public sector have had pay rises when cllrs haven’t.

@ Cllr Dutton saying he was a Cllr for 14 years with no pay and very happy.

@ Cllr Count welcoming allowance cut for those who don’t attend. I agree.

@ Cllr Sedgewick-Jell saying cllrs will look awful if they support an allowance rise now.