VIDEO: Pet Shop Boys classic given Fenland twist as 1,400 watch ‘Whittlesey Girls’ parody

A CLASSIC Pet Shop Boys hit has been given a Fenland twist by a musician who has dedicated a special parody to “Eastrea boys and Whittlesey girls”.

Anthony Nottingham, performing under his ‘Dark Villager’ alias, has had more than 1,400 hits in just three days after he uploaded his parody of ‘West End Girls’ to YouTube.

‘Whittlesey Girls’ mentions a host of landmarks in the Fenland town including the Nags Head and the Ivy Leaf Club - and it even celebrates “getting the Cambs Times or the Evening Standard”.

The chorus chimes: “In a Fenland town, a dead end world. The Eastrea boys and Whittlesey girls.”

One YouTube comment read: “This should so be number one this Christmas! Sheer Genius!”

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Another overseas fan posted: “Awesome - I love? it! Can’t imagine why I left Whittlesey for Auckland... what WAS I thinking?!”

On his website, the ‘Dark Villager’ describes his music as “heavily electronic based” but said it also makes use of acoustic instruments and sounds.

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He claims that his work is continuing to “gain international recognition”, having been featured in the USA, Russia and Germany. He also states that his first official release was aired by Sir John Peel in 1993.

Pet Shop Boys first released ‘West End Girls’ in 1984. It was re-released in 1985 when it went to number one. In 1987 it won the award for the best single at the BRIT Awards.

In 2005, the song was awarded Song of The Decade between the years 1985 and 1994, by the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.

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