VIDEO: Resident’s footage reveals extent of Wisbech’s street-drinking and littering problems

Discarded beer cans at a litter hotspot opposite The Boathouse Business Centre, in Wisbech.

Discarded beer cans at a litter hotspot opposite The Boathouse Business Centre, in Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

A RESIDENT has become so fed up with street drinking and littering in Wisbech that he has made a series of videos to highlight the problem.

Trevor Daisley’s footage, which he has posted on community website ShapeYourPlace, documents a walk through Elizabeth Terrace, Ramnoth Road and Churchill Road in which he found 315 discarded cans and bottles.

The video, set to the soundtrack of On The Street Where You Live from the musical My Fair Lady, features so many pictures of litter that it has had to be separated into two parts.

Another post on ShapeYourPlace highlighted prolific littering in a secluded spot frequented by street drinkers opposite The Boathouse Business Centre.

Councillors immediately vowed to litter-pick the area but one resident, posting under the name “Abigail”, suggested that the ever-increasing number of licensed premises in Wisbech meant that police were “fighting a losing battle”.

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Another poster, “Maddy”, said it was not just a question of litter but also broken bottles.

“I walk my dog everyday and have to dodge broken glass all over the place,” she said.

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“They are obviously beer and spirit bottles because they are white, green and brown glass. I am so worried that he is going to cut his paws.

“It’s also not safe for mums with toddlers – they could easily fall over and cut themselves.

“Not quite sure what the answer is to this problem. A litter pick just collects what is there on the day, and within a couple of days it’s all back there again.”

Fenland Inspector Robin Sissons joined the online debate by confirming that the litter hotspot was in the Designated Public Place Order (DPPO).

He said: “For this reason my officers are able to take drink off of people that are causing anti-social behaviour; which of course littering is.

“Yes we will do our bit and patrol the area and challenge offenders when we come across them. We are the enforcement arm of the DPPO and Fenland District Council is the preventative/educational arm of it.”

Wisbech town centre has more than 70 licensed premises - and Insp Sissons said police had asked off-licences not to sell single cans of chilled alcohol, which worsen the street-drinking problem.

Insp Sissons said it was important to tackle the littering problem by educating and taking enforcement action “if they do not listen”.

He said: “There is lots that can be done.

“CCTV cameras can gather evidence of people buying the cans and then discarding them, fines in the form of fixed penalty notices can be issued, local businesses that profit from the huge sale of these items can be asked to contribute to bins... these are just three things that I thought of whilst writing this reply.”

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