Dashcam captures the moment motorcyclist narrowly misses car

Motorcyclist narrowly misses car on B1093 Manea Road

Dashcam footage captured the moment a motorcyclist narrowly missed a car along the B1093 towards Manea. - Credit: Les Herridge

A motorcyclist had a near miss along a Fenland road when they were inches away from hitting a car. 

The motorcyclist was heading along the B1093 Wimblington Road out of Manea on September 9 when they saw a Mercedes approach as it tried to overtake an agricultural vehicle. 

Les Herridge was heading back from Upwell when he captured dashcam footage of the terrifying moment. 

He said: "The final approach to Manea from Wimblington Road is fairly narrow and the near side is in poor condition.   

"A Mercedes driver, who seemed not to know there was a T junction coming up, shot past us and tailgated the Mantis, furiously sounding his horn multiple times, trying to overtake.” 

Les said many motorists drive down the centre of Wimblington Road to "avoid ending up in the ditch" and thinks the driver of the Mantis had "little choice. 

Mercedes car tries to overtake on B1093 Manea Road

The moments before a car narrowly misses a motorcyclist as it tries to overtake an agricultural vehicle on the B1093 towards Manea. - Credit: Les Herridge

"The Mantis driver ran a real risk of being pulled into the nearside ditch," he said. 

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“Most local drivers are familiar with the problem and keep away from the damaged section of the road.” 

Les added: "The Mantis driver would have seen us keeping our distance behind him and was probably as surprised as we were to have a vehicle attempting to pass both of us."