VIDEO:So if you were a traffic cop could you show the patience of these officers caught on camera on the A1?


A1(M) - Credit: Archant

By far one of the most extraordinary encounters between police and a van driver suspected of driving an overweight van is set to be a YouTube hit.

It is 15 minutes long but the film – made by the driver as he was pulled over for a routine check on the A1 in Cambridgeshire- is one of connoisseurs.

As the wrangle between the driver and police continued, incessantly, it was all caught on film and has now been posted to YouTube.

Viewers can plough through or fast forward the video themselves to see the outcome but the film will almost certainly be used for training new recruits to the police; it’s a classic exercise in demonstrating the patience police need to do their job.

Cambridgeshire police say their officers are trained to diffuse potential problems- the video shows just how far that patience can be tested.

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