Villagers bid to raise £10,000 in a month to pay the legal fees of a High Court hearing against an anaerobic digester at Wimblington

Wimblington Against Anaerobic digester. Angela Johnson with her banner. Picture: Steve Williams.

Wimblington Against Anaerobic digester. Angela Johnson with her banner. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A fund raising mission has been launched to find £10,000 in four weeks to keep fighting a crop-fed anaerobic digester at Wimblington.

Following a packed public meeting, in which support was given to keep fighting, a Crowd Funding page has been set up to pay legal fees to challenge planning permission granted by a Government inspector.

The Crowd Funding page says the digester: “Will destroy our countryside and make our roads less safe - all for profit.

“One additional person will be employed but we as residents will have to live with this monstrosity for ever.

“The residents of the beautiful, small village of Wimblington have had an arduous fight on their hands over the last two and a half years trying to stop the proposed development of an anaerobic digester.

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“After getting planning applications and appeals dismissed we have, sadly, lost the last appeal and now the only avenue left is for us to get that decision quashed by the High Courts.”

“An AD uses waste to produce energy by depriving rotting waste of air, the fund raising page said, and are ideally installed on farms and refuse sites, or premises where waste or residue is already produced.

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“Instead, this proposed AD will be fed by purposely grown crops. Waste crops will be grown on prime agricultural land in place of much needed food crops.

“A number of homes are within 200 metres of the proposed site with the closest being a mere 60 metres away.

“This is a residential area. One of our public byways, a promoted tourist rambling route, runs adjacent to both the south and east boundaries.

“The stunning views of our countryside, the iconic spire of St Wendreda’s church and the local landscape will all be impacted by the erection of this AD.

“We support renewable energy as the way forwards but they must be in appropriate locations and for the right reasons.

“The co-operative of 900 farmers that run Fengrain Limited, the applicant, will receive subsidies to grow these waste crops for the AD and they will receive subsidies, FIT, for the methane gas going into the National Grid.”

Campaigners say villagers in the surrounding communities will suffer noise, odour, a big increase in heavy traffic and the destruction of their countryside.

“Our lifestyle, our amenities, our landscape will all be impacted by this development,” the Crowd Funding page says.

Protestor Angela Johnson says they have a six week window to put in a Section 288 to quash the appeal.

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