Villagers go on the hunt for brown bear that’s gone missing, presumed stolen

VILLAGERS have been warned to look out for a brown bear that has gone missing, presumed stolen.

The brown bear is in fact a litter bin which was installed recently at a children’s play area at Gorefield near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Councillor Michael Humphrey said: the parish council installed two new bins and three new benches as part of an investment of over �70,000 in Gorefield Adventure Patch play area in Wolf Lane.

“Unfortunately overnight on May 6/7 someone stole one of the new bins, a brown bear, which has been fitted near the toddlers play equipment to encourage a litter free play area.”

Cllr Humphrey said “someone carefully unscrewed it from its ground anchor point so it would appear this was not a case of vandalism as the bin would have been ripped from the ground or damaged, then discarded. This was purely a case of theft.”

He added: “While I don’t wish to make light of the theft I think the approach of there being a bear on the loose in Gorefield might grab the attention more and maybe even get a result.

“The cost of replacing the bin is �250 and as the council’s insurance excess is that amount we are unable to recoup this loss.”

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