Campaign to spread village goodwill goes down a treat!

Doddington lockdown treats

Treats such as chocolate bars and sweets have been delivered to resident's doorsteps in Doddington in a bid to spread goodwill during lockdown. - Credit: Facebook/Gary Maxwell-Shorter/Gemma Cotter/Doddington's Doings

What started as an idea from a friend to spread goodwill amid the Covid-19 pandemic has gone remarkably better than one resident hoped. 

Gary Maxwell-Shorter of Doddington wanted to expand on the idea a friend did to help share positivity by doing the same thing, but amongst fellow villagers. 

Writing on his village’s Facebook discussion page on February 17, Gary said: “Emotionally it’s tough. As a community, we could become something special. Just leave thoughtful things on a stranger's doorstep with a note with kind words.” 

Since that day, residents across the village have received gifts from chocolate bars to bath bombs, most treats carrying notes that read: “Have a good day, mighty Doddington!” 

It’s something that has received joyous reaction on social media, and something Gary hopes can keep residents feeling upbeat during lockdown. 

Doddington resident receives lockdown gift

Just one of the comments on the Doddington's Doings Facebook page after a recipient had received their lockdown treat. - Credit: Facebook/Doddington's Doings

“I think it’s gone really well,” he said. 

“I didn’t expect it to take off as much as it has. You can feel the joy in the comments people make when they have been the recipient of a random gift. 

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“It’s a great thing to do at this time to lift people’s spirits.”