Villages set to share £250,000 to replace defective street lights if Fenland Council approves report

One of the many studies carried out across Fenland villages about the condition of street lights

One of the many studies carried out across Fenland villages about the condition of street lights - Credit: Archant

Villages across Fenland are to share £250,000 to help them replace defective street lights.

The cash will come from Fenland District Council’s reserves, subject to cabinet agreeing the sum.

Trevor Watson, head of assets and projects, has compiled the report to cabinet that follows up a conditions report conducted last year.

The lights are owned by the respective parish councils but are managed by the district council who also fund routine maintenance and energy changes.

The parishes are responsible for costs which fall outside routine maintenance such as column or lantern replacements. Benwick is the exception since they manage their own stock.

Mr Watson says talks have been ongoing with parish councils to resolve who pays for defective lights.

Responses by parishes to the district council offers of help were due before cabinet yesterday.

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“This offer demonstrates the continued joined up working between the respective tiers of councils to resolve a difficult situation,” says Mr Watson.

“Having addressed the highest priority defective street light, there is an ongoing need to establish a sustainable way forward which will safeguard the assets and the community going forward.

“This proposal provides significant financial support by the district council towards addressing this issue”.

Fenland Council says the £250,000 will replace those most in need and support those rated one category down; parish councils will be expected to budget to repair those of a lesser priority.

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