Visit to Cambodia

GUEST speakers at March Rotary Club were Rev Anthony Chandler and his wife, Helen.

He explained how his daughter, Allison, works for Mines Advisory Group, a non governmental organisation that helps people affected by land mines and similar unexploded ordinance, throughout the world.

In March 2008 at his daughter’s suggestion he visited Cambodia for 10 days to

assist setting up local community projects for those affected by the huge numbers of, as yet, undiscovered land mines, which prevented agriculture or social development.

This was a personal visit unconnected with his vocation as Vicar at St Peter’s Church in March. His ‘target’ to participate was �3000 which was raised by donation from friends, local organisations, and fund raising events. This so called ‘seed money’ enables the MAG to gain millions of pounds in grants from sympathetic governments. Their total exceeded �15,000.

After a entertaining and informative joint talk, illustrated with slides, and local artefacts, they were presented with a cheque.

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