Vitriol surrounding Margaret Thatcher’s death is disturbing - God help our country


VITRIOL surrounding Maggie Thatcher’s death is acutely disturbing.

It paints a picture of irresponsibility and low moral standards.

I owe no allegiance to any political party, but I fear that the vitriolic campaign towards her indicateds Britain is becoming devoid of total respect.

What have we come to when people wish a person dead and glorify death?

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While we all have the right to criticise politicians we should bear in mind the unions make mistakes too, all too often leaders dragging the country down at the expense of members while leaders enjoy the gold-plated echelons of well-being.

Through English history once in a while a government leader has had no option but lift the nation from near oblivion employing draconian measures to restore sanity and rationality.

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The venom prevalent to discredit a world leader who did make mistakes - we all do - and far worsae wishing death upon her shows here persecutors in a bad light.

To wish a person dead is unpardonable, God help our country.


St. Peters Road, March

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