Vivien Fire Engine Trust will attend March Summer Festival as mark of respect for a kind and genuine lady

Patsy Brewin.

Patsy Brewin. - Credit: Archant

I would like to share with your readers Patsy Brewin’s sincerity and generosity in support of our almost 84-year-old Borough of Wisbech fire engine, Vivien.

She rode on it during a March Carnival event about four years ago. I extended the lanyard on the bell so that she could comfortably ring it, which she did throughout the entire route.

But she also gave consideration to sponsoring what she called ‘her fire engine’ in this event – and I quote from a thank you card she sent to me saying she would do so.

We will attend this year’s carnival parade with Vivien as a mark of respect for such a kind and genuine lady who will be sadly missed by many people and organisations in March and surrounding area – a lady who was held in great esteem.


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Chairman, The Vivien Fire Engine Trust

Via e-mail

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Patsy Brewin’s letter to Vivien Fire Engine Trust:

Dear George & fellow members,

I do thank you for the wonderful turnout you always put on for the citizens of March & around.

We look forward to me sponsoring this until the end of my days.

Yours very sincerely

Patsy Brewin

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