Councillor Simon King has no option: he must resign

Voice of the Fens

Voice of the Fens - Credit: Archant

Rarely can a political career have ended so ignominiously- for indeed that must be the inevitable outcome for Councillor Simon King.

However loud he protests his innocence or naivety, the cacophony of wailing and bleating he emits only serves to delay the consequences of being a serial offender in terms of expenses claims filed to Fenland Council.

It is not as if he wasn’t made aware of his own foolishness; warnings, and amendments, to his claims were made as far back as the stewardship of Alan Melton as council leader.

If Cllr King disagreed with the way expenses were calculated and re-imbursed he had every opportunity to do so. But not once did he go to the Conservative group, outline his concerns, and seek clarification and/or rectification of the policy.

Cllr King has brought the council, his home town, politics and public life into disrepute. He must go.

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