'Tell me I'm wrong'

Voice of the Fens

Voice of the Fens - Credit: Archant

Tell me I’m wrong when I urge people to continue to wear masks from Monday and refuse to consider Monday July 19 ‘Freedom Day’. 

Tell me I’m wrong if I continue to be mindful of those fearful of the continued spread of this awful disease and go about my daily life to respect them and their desire to do likewise? 

Tell me I’m wrong if I get angry at those who wilfully and maliciously use their political view point to ram down our throats an incessant diatribe that Covid is now no more dangerous than a common cold. 


Tell me I’m wrong to call out those who want to throw caution – and our masks – to the wind?  

Tell me I’m wrong to call out those who have already shown their contempt for shop workers scared of going to work because of the backlash they’re getting from the anti-maskers?  

Tell me I’m wrong to continually remind those in public life – who have chosen public over private life and accepted even leadership roles within public life – that discharging their ‘personal’ and bullying anti-vax, anti-mask, ‘attack on my civil liberties’ doctrine into the public arena as their ‘personal view’ is unhelpful to say the least.  

Tell me I’m wrong if I tell you that I will only support those businesses, bars, restaurants, and shops that respect their staff, respect their customers and respect society by maintaining appropriate measures to see off this wretched disease.  

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Monday July 19 is NOT ‘Freedom Day’. It is, however, a marker on the path to recovery but no more than that.  

Allowing society to form its own considered judgements is to a degree appropriate.  

But yesterday it was announced that the UK reported 51,870 new COVID-19 cases in the previous 24-hour period. 

That was the highest number since January 15

And 49 people died from coronavirus in the same 24-hour period. 

Tell me I’m wrong but surely, we don’t need legislation to inform us what’s right.