VOICE OF THE FENS: We have a bishop displaying great generosity of spirit and competency

THERE may, on the ground, be a shortage of Anglican clergymen but goodness what capacity for work is being shown by the Bishop of Ely, the Rt Rev Stephen Conway.

Hardly a week goes by when he’s not in the news either for visiting parishes, popping down to London for meetings, holding services or speaking out on a range of topical and important issues.

Even the most avid of agnostics would be tempted to admire his stamina and we commend the bishop for his tenacity and his cohesive approach.

His comments this week, for instance, on the vexed issue of civil or gay partnership offers demonstrably Anglican perspectives but he reflects wisely on reminding his church members that many they might wish to challenge live happy and fulfilling lives- and partnerships- in their midst.

We also rather like the bishop’s enthusiasm for his northern parts more latterly touring Wisbech and last Sunday visiting St Mary’s at Westry.

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Whatever the challenges and pitfalls awaiting the next Archbishop of Canterbury he will at least be blessed with one certainty and that is the health, vitality, competency, generosity of spirit and exposition of faith exuded through Stephen Conway and long may it continue.

THE tragic death of Father Eddie Murphy of Wisbech has left his congregation unsettled and stunned.

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The town will, regrettably, not now realise the full potential of Fr Eddie’s ministry which had begun in earnest and boded well for the future.

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