From Buzz Ice Year to David Grittenborough, Cambridgeshire gritters launch winter appeal

From Buzz Ice Year to David Grittenborough, Cambridgeshire’s gritters are ready to hit the highway once more and they’re calling for your help.

The 37-strong fleet, including one busway gritter and the quad bike twins, were out on the roads between October 20-21 as part of a trial run ahead of winter.

Councillor Ian Bates, chairman of the county council highways and transport committee, said: “It’s important that we have this trial run to make sure everything runs smoothly so they’re prepared for when we need them.

“If you’d like to help keep others safe, this is an excellent way to do it.”

Local volunteers can help to keep their area moving in freezing weather by taking part in the community gritting scheme.

Volunteers can sign up to grit local footpaths chosen by their parish council using equipment provided by the council.

For more information and to sign up, visit