Vote UKIP to refresh the political ambience and rid country of the two-party, same old shafting of electorate

UKIP has set the agenda in this lead-up to the election.

People of other parties and none have dared to espouse UKIP as racist. Not anywhere at any time have I seen such an accusation backed by factual evidence.

Then, it follows that the three main parties adopt the same language as UKIP – “let’s end open borders”.

Why? Because they see the surge in UKIP support and therefore start to take UKIP and Farage seriously.

What an example of crass, unprincipled, spin that is.

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If you want to break the mould of the Oxbridge political elite of careerist politicians then vote UKIP. Stop this two-party, same old shafting of the electorate and get UKIP into power.

UKIP will refresh the political ambiance and rid the governance of our country of the apathy which props up Cameron – Miliband and Clegg.

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Miliband’s policies are the same as Cameron’s. Have a read if you don’t believe me.

Clegg and the Lib Dems are a waste of space. The Lib Dem members should have booted Clegg out. If they did they would not be facing the whitewash heading their way.

This is the time to change the way we are governed, ridding us of political correctness and a fear of speaking as you deem right as long as you don’t incite hatred or violence.

Let’s show all those in politics that it is us, the people, who want the politicians to do as we vote them for.

You can do this by voting UKIP and knocking the same old political elite from their comfort zone pedestal.



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