Wake up Wisbech and press for a public rail connection

ONCE again Brian Baylis has made statements about the Bramley Line Heritage Trust you were unable to check before publishing. He was never one of the founding fathers, he joined the group 18 months after its formation.

Peter Downs was the founding father when, back in October 2003, he proposed the reinstatement fight to open the branch for a heritage attempt.

In 2005 it seemed to have lost its way and he stepped down as chairman. Mr Baylis took over for a short period before he too was removed from the chair.

I know I will be attacked by Mr Baylis primarily due to my setting up of an opposing website for the reopening of the branch as a commuter branch, thus opening up a long overdue chance to get cars off the roads to Cambridge and link Wisbech to the mainline railways. One thing Wisbech doesn’t want is a flood of cars to view a proposed steam engine.

Mr Baylis and his statement on opening in two years was used just over two years ago before. Wake up Wisbech and press for a public rail connection.

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