Walk to raise awareness of the hero that is Hereward The Great

David Maile says Hereward the Wake is an unsung hero

David Maile says Hereward the Wake is an unsung hero - Credit: Archant

On June 2 and 3 I am doing a fundraising walk from Peterborough Cathedral to Ely Cathedral along the Hereward Way national footpath.

I aim to raise £500 for public notices to be made commemorating the events of the folklore hero from the Fens, Hereward the Wake.

Other folklore heroes have statues, Hereward does not even have a public tourist noticeboard in Ely or Peterborough.

The date marks the 946th anniversary when Hereward attacked Peterborough Abbey and stole gold and silver ‘of great value’ and made his way to Ely to make his stand against William the Conqueror on June 2 1070.

The importance of this date and event is that Hereward is recognised as symbolising the spirit of English resistance to the Norman Conquest, a pivotal moment in the history of England.

The event begins at 4am at Peterborough Cathedral on June 2. This time has been chosen as Hereward raided the Abbey at ‘first light’.

On June 2 I will walk the 21 miles from Peterborough to March then on June 3 I complete the route, another 21 miles from March to Ely.

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The event will also mark the end of a 10 week consultation period where I am speaking to local authorities, organisations and businesses as well as local people to assess the viability and feasibility of a project designed to raise the profile of Hereward across the Fens - called the ‘WakeHereward’ Project.

The money raised will go towards tourist public notices in Ely and Peterborough or along the Hereward Way and will involve other participating agencies.

Should this all prove successful I will be forming a steering committe and officially setting up the WakeHereward Project as a Community Interest Group Social Enterprise (non profit). For details email david.maile@yahoo.co.uk.


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