Walsoken complaints mount says councillor as he campaigns against ‘poor footpaths, poor parking and no safe place to cross’

County councillor Paul Clapp (left) with Wisbech town councillor Robert McLaren gathering signatures

County councillor Paul Clapp (left) with Wisbech town councillor Robert McLaren gathering signatures for petition at Walsoken - Credit: Archant

A petition pushing for a zebra crossing on a busy village road has attracted 170 signatures.

The petition calls for a zebra crossing outside the butcher’s and chemist in Kirkgate Street, Walsoken.

Wisbech town councillor Robert McLaren spent four hours monitoring the road on Saturday and said he was alarmed by what he witnessed. He was joined by county councillor Paul Clapp to help gather signatures.

He was also accompanied by concerned Walsoken resident Will Lewis, who informed him they had seen 230 near misses.

“Will Lewis brought to my attention how bad the centre of Walsoken had become for pedestrians,” said Cllr McLaren

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“The poor footpath, poor road surfaces, poor parking and its non enforcement and no safe place to cross here in the village centre were just some of the issues raised.

“We started to talk with local residents and realised how many residents were affected by the situation.

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He said: “I knew things were bad on the road but I didn’t realise how bad. There were cars having to reverse, cars driving on paths, people not being able to cross the road safely and cars thinking they had priority over pedestrians. It was diabolical.

“Without a zebra crossing it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian gets hurt.

“I’ve been pushing for enforcement and it needs to happen. No one’s been listening so I hope this petition will help.”

Cllr Clapp said the campaign was non political and he hoped to get other councillors on board to support their efforts.

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