Walsoken dog rescue centre desperate for funds to help brave Eva


Eva. - Credit: Archant

A dog rescue centre is desperate for funds to help it nurse a brave dog who was run over by a car back to health.

Eva on the operating table.

Eva on the operating table. - Credit: Archant

Eva was found on the A47 near Peterborough on November 23 with a broken leg. She was stood over her four-month-old puppy, who was tragically killed in the same collision.

Eva's leg before the operation.

Eva's leg before the operation. - Credit: Archant

She was taken to Ravenswood Animal Rescue Centre, Walsoken, and operated on at Terrington Veterinary Centre.

Eva's leg after the operation.

Eva's leg after the operation. - Credit: Archant

Eva is showing signs of promise and it is hoped she will recover sufficiently not to have her leg amputated.

In the mean time, she is in the caring hands of Caroline Trigg and her partner Joel Klyne, who run the centre.

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Ms Trigg said: “Eva has a broken Femur in her back leg. We hope with pins and plates the leg can be saved but only time will tell.

“She also has a nasty wound on her side, which needed to be cut back and drains placing in to help it heal.

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“Despite all of this Eva is the most sweet natured girl. She still manages a tail wag and never once, even with the amount of pain she must have been in, has she growled or complained.”

The combined cost of Eva’s operation and nursing her back to full health will be in region of £1,000.

Ms Trigg said: “We are desperate for funds to help us cover Eva’s bill and her six to eight weeks of after care.

“Hopefully then she will be well enough to find a new home.”

Christmas is always a busy time of year for the dog rescue, but this year they are receiving more calls than ever.

Ms Trigg said: “We normally look after 15 dogs but this year we have 25 in our care. We are absolutely full to the brim.

“We mainly look after stray dogs but this year we are getting lots of calls from families who say they can no longer look after their dogs.”

Donations towards Eva’s treatment can be made via Paypal, or direct to Terrington Vets on 01553 828423 and saying it’s for Ravenswood’s Eva account.

For more information about Ravenswood Animal Rescue Centre and the dogs in their care go to www.ravenswoodpetrescue.co.uk

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