Walsoken home could be ‘removed’ in planning row with West Norfolk council

A COUPLE fear their �250,000 home in the Fens could be demolished after a long-running planning dispute.

Gypsy Rodney Wilson, 69, has planning permission for two caravans on land he owns off Broadend Road, at Walsoken, near Wisbech.

But West Norfolk council says the two mobile units he has joined together are 24ft wide, instead of the maximum 22ft 3ins permitted under the complex guidelines governing caravan sites.

Mr Wilson, who lives in the property with his partner Pat Wenn, has applied for the condition to be waived. But councillors have voted for “direct action” to remove the “unauthorised park home”.

Mr Wilson’s agents say the council is being unreasonable, because it would cost �38,000 to reduce the width of the property.

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“All I want to do is live here and retire here,” said Mr Wilson. “That’s all I’m asking.

“It’s cost me �30,000 in solicitor’s fees so far and I’m not finished yet. To stop these people with their enforcement action, I’ve got to get a court injunction.

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“It’s with my legal team now. My legal team have sent a letter in saying I should be given time for an appeal.”

West Norfolk council said: “When assessing planning breaches officers, members and the legal profession take into consideration planning guidelines and planning law before determining what action to take.

“This case has been ongoing since 2005 and has included two appeals where the inspector found that the dwelling was not a caravan. During the last seven years Mr Wilson has been given ample time to rectify the breach.

“He has not done so. Members of the planning committee have given authority to take direct action to remedy the breach of planning control.”

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