Warning for Waterlees’ new councillors: Labour will be after your seats in 2015

WITH reference to the recent letters concerning the two new independent councillors, Michael and Virginia Bucknor, for Waterlees ward.

Mrs Bucknor first came to local prominence when she was elected as a Labour councillor in 1995. Mrs Bucknor also stood as Labour’s parliamentary candidate in 1997 in a failed effort to become a Blair babe.

Whilst Labour locally only got two councillors elected in the May elections, Labour candidates in most Fenland wards came a good second, with the Lib-Dems coming a poor third. This is a firm foundation on which Labour can rebuild.

Nationally, Ed Miliband is starting make his mark at Prime Minister’s Questions. The appointment of Ed Balls as shadow chancellor is putting a spring in Labour’s step as it seeks to oppose the cuts agenda of the Con-Dem coalition.

Locally, there is a growth in Labour membership from amongst young people and women – the people most affected by the cuts and the intense competition for the few jobs that are available.

As the Labour Party re-emerges as a political force in Fenland, I say to Mr and Mrs Bucknor: make the most of your career as independent councillors, because Labour will be coming after your seats in 2015.


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