Watch as this cyclist is sent flying by a car that failed to stop after it emerged from New Road, Chatteris

A normal day in Chatteris - but Peter Scott was not expecting this!

A normal day in Chatteris - but Peter Scott was not expecting this! - Credit: Archant

A cyclist had the shock of his life when a car inexplicably pulled out of New Road, Chatteris, and sent him flying.

The dramatic moments were caught on camera by Peter Scott who happened to have his dash camera on yards from the junction.

One resident said: “I was there just after and staff at Boswell’s said the cyclist was fine just very shaken. A police officer drove him home.”

The incident happened at around 8am on Monday.

A Chatteris Facebook discussion group has been critical of the driver.

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“As a cyclist I can relate to that some drivers are just so ignorant and impatient,” wrote one woman.

Another wrote: “My husband caught a similar accident on his dash cam a few weeks back. I’m starting to think that all vehicles should be fitted with them for insurance.”

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A woman posted: “The car at the junction wasn’t going very fast. It doesn’t make it any better and it could have been a lot worse. But compared to other incidents it was a low impact, although it probably didn’t feel like that to the guy on the bike.”

One other post said: “It shouldn’t have happened. She knew there was a junction so she should have stopped. Not really a mistake just a really bad decision. She chose not to stop.”

And another posted: “Bad driving error could have cost someone their life.”

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