Watch commander calls for motorists to park with care after fire engine gets blocked in Ely street

FIRE-FIGHTERS in Ely are warning motorists to be more considerate when they are parking after a crew struggled to get through a key city street this week.

A crew from Ely was on the way back to the station following an incident on Tuesday but were unable to get through Fore Hill due to careless motorists parking their vehicles on either side of the road.

Brett Mills, watch commander at Ely Fire Station said: “This road is an important access road but vehicles are often parked at either side for


“On this occasion, the gap between parked vehicles was so narrow we had to ask the owners to move the vehicles before we could get through.

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“Fortunately we were not on our way to an emergency, but if we had been this would have delayed us significantly.

“What this highlights is the need to consider emergency vehicles even if you are parking for a short time as you never know when we might need to get through. A fire engine is 2.6 metres (nine feet) wide and eight metres (26 feet) long.

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“Another consideration when parking is fire hydrants which should never be covered as crews may need to use them when tackling a fire.”

For more information on considerate parking and other road safety information, such as what to do if an emergency vehicle is trying to pass you, visit

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