Water brilliant idea! Potato firm cuts water useage by 70%

Greenvale AP Floods Ferry, Cambridgeshire

Greenvale AP Floods Ferry, Cambridgeshire - Credit: Archant

A POTATO supplier has reduced its water usage by 70% thanks to a revolutionary system which has been running at its Fenland plant for a year.

Greenvale says it is leading the way in water efficiency with its new system, called Cascade, which provides a state of the art system for washing root vegetables.

It has also introduced a new irrigation system which uses mini sprinklers to ensure each potato only receives the necessary amount of water each day.

The firm, based at Floods Ferry, is using the environmentally friendly set up as part of a massive drive to reduce the environmental impact of water use within its firms at March, Shropshire and Berwickshire.

Ewan Stark, head of Agronomy at the firm, said: “The sprinkler irrigation system provides simple and effective water management at the push of a button.

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“Whilst being incredibly easy to manage the system will also give growers a significant increase in tuber numbers and save water as there is less run-off from the fields and much less water lost through evaporation.”

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