“We cannot turn our backs on a humanitarian crisis of this scale” says MP as he backs air strikes on Iraq

Steve Barclay MP.Picture: Steve Williams.

Steve Barclay MP.Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

MP Steve Barclay believes “we cannot turn our backs on a humanitarian crisis of this scale” after voting with the Government to allow air strikes on Iraq.

He said: “Nor will refusing to take action stop ISIL attacking us. “Air strikes are required to stop the advance of ISIL whilst the necessary politically settlement is negotiated with regional powers.

“It is for this reason that I have supported intervention.”

Mr Barclay, the MP for NE Cambs, said the motion before the House of Commons allows air strikes in Iraq against the threat posed by ISIL.

“It does not authorise air strikes in Syria, although the House of Commons may have to revisit this given that ISIL operates there,” he said. “Nor does it allow UK ground combat operations.”

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He said the legal position regarding air strikes is clear which that any action is at the request of a sovereign country, Iraq, which has sought international support to combat ISIL.

“This is not, as in 2003, an invasion of another country,” said the MP.

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“Secondly, the moral case for air strikes is strong. ISIL has engaged in barbaric acts against the people of Iraq causing a humanitarian crisis.

“It represents a serious risk to neighbouring counties. It is also a direct threat to British citizens.

“Thirdly, the likely success of air strikes. This is less certain. “The UK’s military contribution will be limited.

“Air strikes will not prevent ISIL from sheltering amongst the local population but it will degrade its command and control capability and constrain its ability to move across open ground.”

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