We have had enough of the ‘stink bomb’ lorries - the smell is repulsive

Regarding the e-mail from RJ Wade (June 20), I agree fully about the repulsive smell.

For months large lorries have been driven regularly every day (several times a day) past our house in Elm Road, March, and as soon as they pass the most revolting smell is in the air.

I have watched the lorries turn into Estover Road, but I never knew where they were going until David Deptford brought the problem to light.

We too have not enjoyed being in the garden because of the lorries passing.

One day we were in the garden having drinks with friends and I was quite embarrassed by the smell of the lorries going by. We told our friends they are the Stink Bomb lorries as we had no idea what they were carrying and where to.

My husband was about to try and find out more about them as it is not at all fair on residents having to breathe in the repulsive smell.

I think the lorry drivers deserve a medal to drive these lorries, it can’t do them any good.

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I must admit that this week I haven’t spotted any stink bombs going by, so hopefully the problem is being dealt with.

Our family will certainly sign the petition.


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