We need driver to come forward as witness after my daughter was pushed into path of car

AT about 4.30pm on Saturday, at the junction of Tavistock Road and Clarkson Avenue in Wisbech, there was a near miss incident between a young person (my daughter) and a car.

My daughter was pushed into the path of the moving car, which thankfully missed her.

This was by no means the fault of the driver and he was very helpful. He stopped to make sure that my daughter was ok and offered her a lift home. When she declined he followed her along the road until she reached home.

The car contained the male driver, a female passenger and a young child. My daughter said they were White British.

We would like to get in contact with these people, firstly to thank them but also to see if they would be prepared to issue a statement to police.

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We have been advised that without the driver coming forward there is little they can do.

Could you please put something in your paper asking for these people to make contact with you, so that they can leave their details for me to contact them.

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