We’re in the stickiest situation since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun.

BLACKADDER Goes Forth is being performed at the Angles Theatre in Wisbech next week. It is running for five with a Saturday matinee from Tuesday.

The comedy is being staged by The Flat Land Comedy Club and all the profits are being donated to Comic Relief.

The cast are a group of people that have played with other Wisbech am dram groups such as WAODS and Wisbech Players but have gotten together for the sole purpose of performing Blackadder for charity.

Club spokesman Rodger Richmond said: “Most people will have seen this comedy on TV with Rowan Atkinson in the starring role and it pokes a bit of fun at some of the more humorous moments from World War 1 and life in the trenches.”

The show consists of 3 episodes MAJOR STAR, GENERAL HOSPITAL and GOODBYEE which closes the show, all are very funny.

He said: “The cast have tried to make this a great evening’s entertainment with a brilliant set and spot on costumes; it’s directed by Chris Smith and assistant director is Julie Jones.”

The cast include David Brammer as Blackadder, Ian Jones as Darling, Karl Lippold as George. Mark Fearnely as Baldrick, Jo Sherry as Bob and Nurse Mary, Rodger Richmond as Melchett ,David Cowling as Smith and George Frost as Hague.

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Mr Richmond added: “Everyone involved has put in lots of effort to bring you this show and we ask you, the public to support us with this charity show.”

ANGLES BOX OFFICER: Wisbech (01945) 47 44 47.