We’re standing in Waterlees because we feel we’ve been badly represented

WE were amazed to read the letter on your website last week regarding the current councillors for our ward of Waterlees.

The writer, who chose to remain anonymous for some reason, said that our councillors “had exceeded all our expectations”.

By singing the praises of councillors who supported the move of our college to March, said nothing in support of Wisbech keeping its Magistrates’ Court, allowed the Test Driving Centre to be moved to King’s Lynn, have agreed to spend �53,000 to move the Horsefair Taxi Rank and want to close our toilets through lack of money makes us think the writer must have a very low expectation of what our councillors should be doing for us.

The Tourist Office is now under threat. The fire station is proposed to go part time - and it’s one of the busiest in the area.

There are currently secret meetings being held to merge with other district councils to make a super council. We, the voters, have been given no other information. Have the electorate been asked if that’s what they want? No.

We believe we have been so badly represented that we decided to stand as truly Independent Councillors for our ward of Waterlees and give our first priority to people, not a political party. We want to treat the role of councillor as a proper job, not a hobby.

Whilst canvassing over the last two months we have met some good people in our ward - people who deserve to be respected, listened to and well represented.

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Most people said they had still not seen their councillors. We have been inundated with requests for help whilst canvassing, one of which we have been able to resolve already.

If elected, we will have proper communications which will include walk-in surgeries. In addition to the usual methods (phone, e-mail etc) we will also set up an area on our website where people can track the progress of their concerns by reference number so that people can be reassured their jobs are not going into a black hole.

We hope people will vote for us both for town and district councils so that we can bring true democracy, inclusiveness and accountability back to the community.


Independent Candidates for Waterlees

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