We will keep fighting until the dogs are back where they belong - we will win!

I am appalled at the way in which Rob Phipps has been treated, I have never known anyone more dedicated about something as much as Rob is about the rescue.

The dogs are all in great condition, they are always fed and walked numerous times a day.

Having helped walk the dogs myself and taken my own dogs along on the walks, I have seen the massive improvement in the dogs during the time they have been in Rob’s care.

A lot of these dogs have had such a hard time in their short lives and Rob and the team of volunteers have shown these dogs what it is like to have love and attention and be given the time they need.

The RSPCA coming and just taking these dogs will undo all the amazing work Rob has done, not to mention with how scared the dogs must be.

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With Rob these dogs had one-to-one time and attention and time to socialise and play like dogs should. They will now be shut in a kennel and be stressed.

I think nothing would benefit these dogs more than to be back home with Rob.

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We will keep fighting this until our babies are brought home! Losing is not an option.

We will win!


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