The low water levels in Huntingdonshire's rivers and reservoirs look set to continue, with the Met Office reporting that another heatwave is forecast to build this week.

Dryness will continue and provide no relief for parched land and depleted rivers, including Grafham Water Reservoir, which is "currently sitting at 75 per cent full".

Anglian Water reiterates that there are no plans for hosepipe bans across the region at the current time and that the average water levels for all reservoirs remain stable.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: "Our underground aquifers are in reasonable shape too, at around average or just below average for the time of year.

"But we’re watching river levels very closely right now, as things can change quickly, and the forecast for this month remains dry and warm."

According to the Met Office, hot weather will be building throughout the week, likely to peak on Friday and Saturday, but temperatures will not be as extreme as experienced in July.

With little rainfall predicted, especially in the south, Anglian Water is "urging people to step up and save water now".