Stormy weather made its way to Cambridgeshire overnight.

After the hottest day of the year on Tuesday (May 17), with temperatures reaching 24C in some parts of the county, Wednesday night brought thunder and lightning.

Cambs Times: Stuart Buckminster captured lightning in the skies over St NeotsStuart Buckminster captured lightning in the skies over St Neots (Image: Stuart Buckminster)

The Met Office issued a yellow weather alert, warning residents in south-east England to expect "torrential downpours, frequent lightning, large hail and strong wind gusts".

Weather watchers took to social media to share their experiences.

Cambs Times: Dramatic skies overnight in St NeotsDramatic skies overnight in St Neots (Image: Sally Johnson)

Dail wrote: "That was some storm that just passed over us in the Fens - a spectacular show!"

A Twitter user said: "Awesome electrical storm just now in Cambridgeshire.

"Had to race downstairs to make sure our two young bunnies weren't frightened."

Cambs Times: A lightning strike in the Fens, CambridgeshireA lightning strike in the Fens, Cambridgeshire (Image: Dail Maudsley-Noble)

The storm reached southern England from the south west.

Some flights to Gatwick Airport were unable to land - including an easyJet flight from Athens, Greece, which landed at London Stansted.

The Met Office forecast for Cambridgeshire shows wet weather is set to stay with us on Friday, May 20 with highs of 17C.

Saturday and Sunday are due to be cloudy, with slightly higher temperatures of up to 20C in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Ely.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend begins on Thursday, June 2.

The Met Office long range forecast reads: "Early June mainly dry conditions are likely for most.

"Temperatures are likely to be close to or above average across the UK, with the warmer side in the south and perhaps closer to average further north.

"Into mid-June, the north of the UK may turn less settled, and temperatures trending closer to average."

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