WATCH: Dust devil spotted in west Norfolk

dust devil

The dust devil spotted in Upwell - Credit: Patsy Racey

A dust devil has been spotted in west Norfolk. 

Patsy Racey, from Upwell, saw the event whilst driving through the area at around 1.30pm on Monday.

The 49-year-old said she saw them "all the time" when she was a child.

"They'd pick up stuff and we'd run through them," she said. "It did hit my car whilst I was watching, it felt like being in a car wash made of straw.

"It was pretty cool to see."

Adam Dury, from Weatherquest in Norwich, confirmed the video is of a dust devil.

Unlike tornados, which require thunderstorms, dust devils start due to the ground warming rapidly.

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This warming causes the air to rise and wind circulation on the surface, picking up debris from the floor, hence the name.