Reward of £100 offered for safe return of precious lost wedding ring

A March woman is offering a £100 reward for the safe return of a lost wedding ring that belonged to her late mother.

Betty Williams, 86, was in March town centre on Thursday (September 10) when she thinks the ring slipped off her finger.

She said: “Later on, I had my hands in the washing up bowl at home and I realised the ring wasn’t on my finger.

“My partner carefully emptied the water using a colander - but it wasn’t there. I panicked and cried when I realised it was missing.”

The ring is described as a thick gold wedding band with a serial number engraved on the inside.

When Betty retraced her steps, she says she was mainly around the March Fountain area of Broad Street.

She said: “As I went into the jewellers, I sanitised my hands and I’m wondering if it slipped off then. The staff there are doing everything they can to help me find it.

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“This piece has so much sentimental value and I really hope the £100 reward will lead to its safe return. I want to do everything I possibly can to get it back.”

If you can help Betty, please call her on 01354 652967.

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