Welfare state is exposed by a March author that shows how we got to ‘I Daniel Blake’

Mo Stewart has writen the book Cash Not Care

Mo Stewart has writen the book Cash Not Care - Credit: Archant

A book by a local author is being launched to expose what she says is the disturbing reality of welfare reforms.

Mo Steward, of March, has written the book Cash Not Care which was launched in London.

She says Ken Loach’s film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’, shows what it is like to be enmeshed within the benefit system today and adds: “This book shows how we got there. Essential reading.”

“Reviewers of the book are now linking the film to the research.”

Mo said; “The book is the result of six years of independent research.

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“It exposes the reality behind the on-going punitive welfare reforms, as the United Kingdom is gradually moved towards welfare funded by private insurance and administered by unaccountable corporate giants.

“This book is the research evidence the Government tried to stop.

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The full impact of the welfare reforms was disguised as the national press dutifully reproduced government rhetoric to successfully influence public opinion.

“A previous Secretary of State for Work and Pensions excelled when making damning speeches, claiming that there were many ‘languishing’ on benefits, with derogatory comments reported by the press as disability hate crimes increased in the UK by 213 per cent.

The critically acclaimed Ken Loach movie ‘I, Daniel Blake’ has attracted attention, as the impact of welfare reforms on the poorest people in the country is dramatically brought to life.

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