Well done Amanda for taking a stand against mud on the road in Manea

Well done Amanda Burrell for trying to get something done about the “on-going” problem of mud on the road at Wimblington Road, Manea.

“Depositing mud on the road is an offence under the Highways Act” so why is no-one being prosecuted? Do we have to wait for a fatality to happen before something is done?

I would like to thank Amanda for coming to the aid of a young lady, who through no fault of her own, came off the road by slipping on the mud, and causing nearly £100 worth of damage to her car - an unexpected expense she could ill afford.

Amanda allowed her to leave the damaged car on her property for a week until spare parts arrived to enable the car to be repaired.

The accident also caused another problem for her - how to get backwards and forwards to her job in March, when your car is off the road!

I understand there is also a similar problem going on in Mepal.

You cannot ignore a problem like this. Something must be done, and urgently!

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