Well done for completing Weasenham Lane lights scheme - but what about access to new retail park?

I MUST congratulate the powers that be with the eventual completion of the Weasenham Lane junction traffic lights.

But why did Cambridgeshire County Council allow the developers to build a certain amount of houses on the new site between Cromwell Road and South Brink before the lights were installed?

It would have saved countless thousands of pounds if the lights had been installed first because the number of collisions that occurred at the crossroads. This caused huge costs by the attendance of the emergency services, damage to vehicles, insurance claims and injuries to people involved.

It was only by the grace of God that nobody had been killed.

While we are on the subject - what about the new development/retail park on the old greyhound track?

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Has the county council given any thought to how the access to the site will be planned and implemented with a scheme that will run in tandem with the other two sets of traffic lights in Cromwell Road?

Let us hope that someone gets to grips with the situation, otherwise we will have traffic backed up to the Redmoor Lane roundabout blocking the A47 causing more gridlock.

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