Well done to Cllr Stephen Court for challenging Fenland Council planning committee on Berryfield homes application

Parking issues in Berryfield, March.

Parking issues in Berryfield, March. - Credit: Archant

I write to take my hat of to Councillor Stephen Court for having the courage to speak out and challenge Fenland District Council’s planning committee.

Parking issues in Berryfield, March.

Parking issues in Berryfield, March. - Credit: Archant

Cllr Court clearly stated that the Berryfield estate, March, is not suitable for building without substantial improvements to the infrastructure in that part of the town along with the many other problems that would be encountered and the planning committee is aware of.

I have attached a couple of photos taken on June 19 at 11am, highlighting the problem already at the top end of Berryfield with the workforce from the nearby industrial estate parking in the road.

If this planned housing is to go ahead then we are going to encounter many more traffic problems in the area a situation that has totally ignored by the planning committee, and is expertly mentioned by Stephen Court.

After reading the letters from the residents of Whittlesey over the planned houses at Showfields, their concerns over the possibility of flooding in the area have been ignored – the same fear as the residents of Berryfield.

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The planning committee clearly does not take into account any of the residents’ views.

Were we mainly a paperwork exercise so they could tick the boxes when they stamped the planning approval? If this is so, why bother asking residents in the first place!?

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