Well done to March Street Pride volunteers who retrieved shopping trolley dumped near river

Well done to the two men, volunteers from March Street Pride, who last month removed the Sainsbury’s trolley that had been dumped near the edge of the river, behind the public toilets in March.

The trolley has been there for some time and Sainsbury’s was aware of it, but decided it was too dangerous for its staff to retrieve it.

No doubt other official organisations in March felt the same way. Health and safety springs to mind.

It was left to two pensioners, part of a very small group of volunteers who were collecting litter in the town, to remove the eyesore and return it to the store. It took only a few minutes of their time, but makes such a difference.

What a pity more citizens are not like these volunteers who cheerfully pick up the litter carelessly dropped by others. Keep up the good work!

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