‘Well loved’ grandma from Sutton left bruised and ‘on edge’ after thieves ransack bungalow before making off with handbag and purse

Jacky Hopkin

Jacky Hopkin - Credit: Archant

A “well loved” grandma from Sutton has been left bruised and “on edge” after thieves ransacked her bungalow and pushed her facedown onto her bed before making off with her handbag and purse.

Jacky and Elly Hopkin.

Jacky and Elly Hopkin. - Credit: Archant

Jacky Hopkin, of Mill Field, who has lived in the village for almost five years, said: “I was in bed watching the television when I thought I heard someone rattling the letterbox. I thought ‘what on earth’s that noise’ so I went to have a look but there was nothing there.

“A man then turned up at the front door with a high visibility coat on. He said ‘quick, quick, you have got to go in there because it might explode’.

“He didn’t say what was going to explode, but you don’t think of these things at the time.

“Two other men came round from the back of the bungalow where they had already been trying the window and that was it.

Jacky Hopkin

Jacky Hopkin - Credit: Archant

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“They just barged in; it was horrible.

“The more forceful guy kept pushing me on the bed, shoving my head down while the others shouted ‘where’s your money?’ as they ransacked the place,” added the 64-year-old asthmatic.

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“When I realised they had gone there was suddenly a bang.

My handbag had gone, with all my money in it – about £60 including a winning scratchcard.

“They just took the money, and made a mess of the place. But I’m all the while looking and watching now. I’m very on edge.”

After the burglary, her daughter Elly arrived and took Jacky to her neighbours where they phoned the police.

Elly Hopkin said: “My mum has never had anything, so for this to happen to her with the little she did have is stupid. She doesn’t have a lot of luck, but she’s very well known and loved.

“It’s a silly amount of anguish they have caused for what they did – she’s still extremely shaken and bruised and doesn’t feel safe or comfortable at home. She only returned to her bungalow on Monday.

“If they would have just come to the door she would have given them the handbag.”

Elly added that all the three men ran off and a neighbour “heard a car flying out of the estate”.

Over the weekend a member of the Crime Scene Investigation team visited the bungalow and told Jacky that a handbag and purse had been handed in by a dog walker who found it on the ground close-by. It was hers, but the money and scratch card had gone.

Jacky added “it still feels very surreal, so I’m trying to keep myself occupied. I just can’t take it in at the moment.”

“It’s horrible what they put me through. It made me feel as if I was no-one; just shoved and pushed about.

“I don’t want to go out anywhere at the moment, which is so out of character for me. It has totally messed me up.”

A police spokesman said: “Three men claiming to be from the gas board forced their way into a bungalow in Mill Field, Sutton on Thursday 19 and made off with the victim’s handbag and purse.

“One man was wearing a high visibility jacket and dark clothing with his face concealed. The other two were wearing dark clothing and hats with their faces concealed said a police spokesman.

“The burglary happened at about 8.20pm.

“Anyone with information should call police on 101.”

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