Well respected member of Wimblington community dies at the age of 90

Phyllis Hopper on her 90th birthday last year

Phyllis Hopper on her 90th birthday last year - Credit: Archant

A well respected member of a village community has died at the age of 90.

Phyllis Hopper was a well respected member of the Wimblington community and a long term Wimblington resident.

Mrs Hopper was a dedicated member of St Peter’s congregation, a huge campaigner for the recognition of Wimblington’s War Memorial Playing Field, a teacher to many in the village and widow of the past headmaster at Thomas Eaton, Albert Hopper.

Phyllis had reached a very good age and until recently was very active in the village.

“Thoughts and prayers to Phyllis’s family at this time. RIP Phyllis, you were every inch an Angel,” said her friend Amanda Carlin.

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A poem by Amanda Carlin, written in 2013 for Mrs Hopper, to help celebrate her 90th birthday.

Have you heard, Phyllis Hopper well known Wimblington resident & pillar of the community is 90 years young!

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Our flame haired friend, inspirational, tenacious, honest and full of fun.

Industrious to the last, working hard on any issue she believes in, a lady ahead of her time, a teacher, motivator, a role model for today and the past.

Growing up in London with loving parents and a sister, Phyllis was very clear of her future journey in life.

Evacuated to Wales during the war years, Phyllis had no intentions of becoming a wife!

In Wales, Phyllis worked and lived by a beautiful bay, witnessing history with all the sea craft set for manoeuvres on D Day.

Phyllis wrote to a young Fen man based in South East Asia named Albert after the war.

Phyllis told Albert she was a Christian with a career in teaching on her mind, and was stunned to learn Albert had recently been confirmed by the Bishop of Singapore!

Albert also planned on becoming a teacher. It seemed God had different ideas for Phyllis’s future!

In fact it wasn’t long before friends and family could also see the bigger picture.

Although always saying it was not an option, it wasn’t long before Phyllis and Albert married.

The happy couple moved to Wimblington, built a house and were salaried.

Phyllis and Albert were head teachers of the Thomas Eaton School. Although Phyllis was on a different path, as always she played it cool!

Because Phyllis’s trust in God is so strong, full of faith, Phyllis knows he will never do her wrong.

So Phyllis continued on the journey God offered her, having three beautiful children in Ann, Jane and John.

Phyllis’s eyes light up when she speaks of her children, so full of pride. Although away from home, all three take a keen interest in the village they were domiciled.

We all appreciate the help, Ann, Jane & John and the whole family have given our community over the years.

All the help and assistance deserves thanks and many cheers.

Phyllis believes deeply in the power of prayer, knowing the Holy Trinity will always answer and be fair.

Phyllis is generous in thought and word and deed. Encouraging, gracious and willing to help all those in need.

Phyllis, a remarkable lady, has inspired many on their spiritual flight. Believe in the Lord, have faith, pray, trust in his might.

These are all words, Phyllis would say, now, forever and especially on this wonderful day.

Now is the time to thank the Lord for Phyllis’s life, for her work as a teacher, within the community, as a mother and wife.

So thank you Lord for all you have done, for sending Phyllis to us for inspiration, motivation, education and fun.

Thank you too Phyllis for you truly are a STAR, and our hearts are warmed by your smile and love reaching afar.

Phyllis we all hope this is a very special day, and all that’s left to say is Happy Birthday Phyllis – Hip Hip Hooray!!

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