Welney Road Closure

IN checking today (March 21) if the road through Welney is open, I (naively) put ‘Welney - Road Closure’ into a search engine.

The local, Welney website came up first with much news about the controversy over the road in general and dated January 2010. The news that the police were ‘coming down hard’ on motorists who pushed on regardless of floods was high on the list of ‘hits’ but b****r all of any use. In fact, the most topical item, dated March 5, 2011 was the Wisbech Standard piece about Road Closed signs being up three weeks after the road was open again. Could the lack of up to date, substantive information be the prime cause of drivers taking a chance? Surely a simple webcam would do the trick? Maybe too simple a solution for the County Highways Department?


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