West Walton joins the VJ Day commemoration with simple service and the laying of three small wooden crosses on the memorial

VJ Commemoration at West Walton cemetery

VJ Commemoration at West Walton cemetery - Credit: Archant

A short service, led by the Very Rev David Fleming, was held at the war memorial in West Walton cemetery to commemorate men who lost their lives in the Far East.

The 70th anniversary of VJ Day was remembered with a service which paid tribute to three men from the community who served in the Far East but never returned.

Thirty four parishioners attended and were led to the cemetery by two British Legion flag bearers.

The vicar laid three small wooden crosses on the memorial as a simple tribute to them and all the others who served during the conflict and the many who also never returned to their homes.

One of those who attended the service was the niece of one of the soldiers.

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