What did poor Holly the bunny do to deserve being dumped on the roadside and left to starve to death because of her overgrown teeth?

Holly the bunny

Holly the bunny - Credit: Archant

A female grey and white rabbit now named Holly was found dumped by the side of a street last week with teeth so overgrown she could not eat.

Holly the bunny

Holly the bunny - Credit: Archant

The abandoned animal was found by a passing member of the public in Sunningdale, Orton Brimbles in Peterborough last Wednesday.

Her bottom teeth were found to be around four centimetres long and protruded from her mouth, and her top teeth were nearly as long.

The rabbit has now been operated on to remove her teeth and has been named Holly, after the vet who attended her.

It is hoped Holly will make a good recovery and will be able to be rehomed.

RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs said: “These teeth were some of the worst I have ever seen. “They were so overgrown they were sticking out far away from this poor bunny’s face and curled around.

“She must have been so uncomfortable - bless her - and clearly unable to eat.

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“Had she not been found when she was she would have likely starved to death.

“Who knows how long she had been living stray like this but it could well be that someone let her go or dumped her as a result of not wanting to get treatment for her.

“A domestic rabbit like this is not used to fending for herself in the wild and would not have been able to survive,” he added.

If anyone has information about Holly the rabbit and how she came to be on her own by the side of a road they should call 0300 123 8018.

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