What I earn as charity shop manager is none of your business, Kay, but I work hard for my wage

Louise Bryan, right, outside the Scope charity shop last year with volunteer Yvonne Hancox. Staff an

Louise Bryan, right, outside the Scope charity shop last year with volunteer Yvonne Hancox. Staff and volunteers dressed in bin bags last year to encourage donations. - Credit: Archant

In response to Kay Mitchell’s letter asking what the manager of Saga (which is an insurance and holiday firm for the over 50’s, I assume you mean Scope) earns.

I would never publicly ask what you earn so please do not ask what I earn.

I currently work more than 51 hours a week (of which I am only paid for 35) making at least 16 hours of my week voluntary where I am solely in charge of 33 volunteers, some with disabilities, whilst also having three weekly targets to achieve.

I am responsible for all volunteer training including health and safety, financial aspects involved within retail, stock generation, processing and merchandising and rag and recycling, whilst running a successful shop raising money for disabled people and their families.

This is often a very physically demanding job and 10 weeks ago I broke my wrist and elbow, I had one day off where most could and would have been signed off showing my full commitment to the charity.

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I appreciate my volunteers more than anyone would know they are my support system and likewise I support them both in and out of the workplace.

I am not just a shop manager, I am their mother, sister, carer but most of all their best friend. I like everyone else have rent and bills to pay and I will be forever proud of myself and my team for what we achieve on a daily basis.

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I hope knowing a little more about what we do has enlightened you on how hard I work and therefore deserve what wage I do receive.


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