Whatever happened to the Bramley Line Trust?

I READ with interest the e-mail from MM in your December 23 edition about the Bramley Line lease which Wisbech Town Council is trying to get its hands on.

What most people would like to know is: what is happening regarding the Bramley Line Trust which was so suddenly going to get the line reopened yet now they doesn’t even hold members meetings?

It has to learn the old saying and that is: “You have to speculate, in order to accumulate.” How did all the other heritage lines open?

The committee seems to be now non-existent and its website is well out of date, so what exactly is the trust doing to also get the lease it raised the money for? Come to that, if it isn’t doing anything, what has happened to the money raised so far?

Are members still doing track clearing come to that? If so, who and when? The few members that are now left need answers, not utter silence.

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